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The focus is on gaining (or regaining) empathy, (self) confidence and autonomy. This is turn strengthens social skills that are indispensable in a diverse society.

• Coaching helps you to understand your individuality and uniqueness so that you can express them appropriately in a global world. On the other hand, you will learn to accept others as unique individuals and to understand their world as well. You will find, experience and accept aspects of yourself that you have suppressed and denied.

• Coaching helps you to incorporate unknown aspects of your personality into your personal development. This in turn will enable you to become more like the person you are or would like to become – unique, tolerant and understanding of others. You will be able to deal better, more resiliently with the obstacles that life presents us.

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We offer

Practice (self-)coaching with others. An adviser acts as moderator and provides a résumé. We will analyze your discussion and talk about what steps to take next.

Your Benefit:
You will strengthen your intrapersonal skills – you’ll get to know yourself better. You’ll be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses better and express your individuality more easily.
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Group coaching
Group coaching offers a variety of thoughts, attitudes, opinions, ideas and solutions through exchange with other people. You will learn to respect and accept other people as unique individuals.

Your Benefit:
You’ll improve your interpersonal skills – your ability to cooperate and communicate, your sense of social responsibility, your empathy. You’ll learn how to express your emotions appropriately..
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